Glen Allen Church

Glen Allan United Methodist Church

The present church building was dedicated in 1924 on land that was part of Wildwood Plantation. At the time P.L. Mann gave the magnificent pipe organ which is still in use today. Services continued during the 1927 flood with people coming to the church in boats.

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Linden Plantation

Linden Plantation

Built in 1914 by P.L. Mann, this 20 room Colonial Revival home is the third house built on this site. The plantation on which the house is built was established by Frederick Turnbull in 1825, and the house is on the National Register of Historic Homes. Now occupied by the 4th & 5th generation of family who operated “Esperanza Outdoors” offering guided waterfowl hunts, with the guest staying at the historic Linden Plantation.

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Susie B Law House

Susie B, Law House

Now unoccupied and covered in vines, this 1902 house has been featured in the movie “Haunted” and been visited by paranormal investigators for its reported haunting by the ghosts of its former mistress, Susie B Law.

Mount Holly 2

Mount Holly

Completed in 1856 for Margaret Johnson, the 30 room Italianate mansion was one of only a few antebellum homes of this size remaining in the Mississippi Delta. Sold in late 1990’s it remained vacant and fell into disrepair despite being on the National Register of Historic Homes. It burned on June 17, 2015. The remains still stand.

Juius Ward House

Fair Oaks (Erwin House)

Built as a log cabin at Erwin about 1829 by Junius R. Ward, the house and land had been a continuous ownership by the original family longer than any other known property in Washington County. Enlarged numerous times archive its current appearance, it is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Cotton Storage House

Cotton Storage House

Built by the Stein family in the1920’s, this unusual building consists of sixteen pie shape rooms in which local planters would store their hand-picked cotton until the transferred to the nearby gin. It is a rare extant example of “round” barns of the late 19th and early 20th century.

Berkley Plantation

Berkeley Plantation

Mrs. Sarah Prince, who after her husband died, married John Miller, a wealthy planter who died in 1874, built Berkley Plantation in 1832. Mrs. Miller died in 1846 and was buried in Natchez. Mr. Miller had ordered in his will that he would be buried in New Orleans and his wife could be buried next to him. Upon his death, when the riverboat passed Natchez, the family stopped and removed Mrs. Miller remains from the vault and took both of them to the St. Louis Cemetery.

Highland Club

The Highland Club

Originally founded in circa 1893 as a gentlemen’s gambling hall, the Highland Club is oldest private social club in the state of Mississippi.

Ruins of St. John’s Episcopal Church and Evergreen Cemetery

Greenfield Cemetery & St. John’s Ruins

Completed in 1856, St John’s Episcopal Church was built by slaves, and Greenfield Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in Washington County. The lead from the church windows was removed and melted down for Confederate bullets during the Civil War. Falling into disrepair soon after, the church was all but destroyed by a tornado in 1904.

Lake Washington Historical Museum

Lake Washington Historical Museum

The museum opened in the summer of 2016 and is located inside the Glen Allen Community Facilities Building, across the hall from the library. A rotating display of photos and artifacts from Lake Washington area will be on display.


Belmont Plantation

Belmont Plantation, Est 1857 is the last antebellum mansion along the river in the Mississippi Delta, standing at over 9,000 square feet.  The house and the grounds have undergone an extensive restoration and all rooms are available for weddings, events, tours, B&B accommodations, and corporate retreats!

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Winterville Mounds Museum

Winterville Mounds Museum

The Winterville Site is a major archaeological site in unincorporated Washington County, Mississippi, north of Greenville and along the river. It consists of major earthwork monuments, including more than twelve large platform mounds and cleared and filled plazas.

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leroy percy

Leroy Percy State Park

Leroy Percy is the oldest of the Mississippi’s State Parks. It is characterized by artesian springs, cypress trees, and ancient oaks dripping with Spanish moss. Leroy Percy is one of two state parks that features a wildlife management area. The seasonal pursuit of deer, squirrel, turkey, duck, and dove beckons to hunters in search of an unspoiled hunting area away from the crowd.

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Greenville History Exhibit Museum

Greenville History Exhibit Museum

Housed in the meticulously restored Miller Building, the museum provides a unique glimpse into life in Greenville from the late 1800s through the 1970s. A fascinating collection of memorabilia, artifacts, photographs, and news clippings take visitors through each day of the historic 1927 flood as well as other important events and cultural collections indicative of the area.

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Highway 61 Blues Museum

Deep in the Mississippi Delta on the famous blues highway, lies a musical treasure: the Highway 61 Blues Museum in Leland. Nestled in the cradle of American music, Leland produced some of the major influences and early movers in the blues, and carried a musical tradition that even made an indelible mark on rock & roll.

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Mississippi Wildlife Heritage Museum

Mississippi Wildlife Heritage Museum

The mission of the Mississippi Wildlife Heritage Museum is to preserve the history, heritage, and traditions of hunting and fishing, and the Great Outdoors in Mississippi; to honor the people that have been a part of the vast natural resources of the great state of Mississippi.

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