Lake Map and Information

Lake Washington is one of the largest natural lakes in Mississippi. It may also be one of the oldest lakes, approximately 700 years in age. Lake Washington is well known for its excellent crappie, catfish and bluegill fishery. Recently, it has been producing large stringers of bass. Crappie are the most sought after fish in this lake; it has been noted as one of the Mississippi Department of Wildlife. Fisheries and Parks shows that two out of every ten anglers drive over 100 miles to fish Lake Washington and one out of every 15 come from over 400 miles.


LOCATION: Approximately 25 miles south of Greenville on Hwy 1

SIZE: 5,000 acres.

DEPTH: Depth varies from 6 to 22 feet.


MAJOR SPORTFISH: Largemouth bass, crappie, bream (bluegill), channel catfish.

OTHER FISH: Bowfin, buffalo, common carp, drum, flathead catfish, green sunfish, gar, hybrid white bass, bullheads, yellow bass.

FISH FORAGE: Shad, silversides, minnows.

VISIBLE COVER: Cypress trees, piers, rip-rap, boat ramps.

BOTTON FEATURES: Man-made fish structures, drop-offs, channels.


Approximately 180 Christmas trees were placed in seven different locations in Lake Washington.

Across the lake from Cordell’s Ramp is an area known as the Alligator Hole. Forty trees were placed in the Alligator Hole in 14’ of Water.

Northwest of the Alligator Hole towards the main lake is another deep hole. Forty trees were placed in this hole in 14’ of water.

The Highland Club is located on the west bank of the Highland Club’s pier as a marker. Imagine a straight line leading from the end of the pier across the lake to a point on the east bank. Out from this point on the east bank, where the water depth falls sharply to 14’, is a line of 20 trees. Following the 14’ contour, there is one group of trees approximately 200 yards to the north and three more groups of trees to the south, located every 200 yards.