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And So Much More!

Bait n Thangs tackle store is fully equipped with live and artificial bait for you to choose from. 

Bait ‘n Thangs tackle store brands of lures and jigs that we carry are:

Grenada Tackle, Brushpile Jigs, Slater Jigs, Pico Lures, Bobby Garland, Crappie Monster Jigs, Muddy Waters Jigs& Jig Heads, Pool Specials Home Made Jigs, Skillet Filler, Rockport Rattler Jig Heads, H&H Spinners, Trolling Rigs Double Minnow.

Our store also has Crappie Reels, Live Bait, Minnows, Worms, Crickets, Liver, Stink Bait, Large Assortment of Hooks, Lead, Corks, Alligator Hooks or Large Catfish Hooks, Quill Floats, Outlaw Crappie Monster Nets, Long Shad Nets, and Assorted landing Nets.

We have a full line of ACC Crappie Stiks and Ozark Rods. Both of these brands we carry rods up to 16 feet in length. We also carry Todd Huckabee Rods in 12 foot lengths and H&H Rods and Reels.  Along with the crappie rod lines we carry an assortment of other casting and trolling rods that are used on this lake.

Drinks, ice, snacks, life jackets, minnow buckets, bubble boxes cricket cages, boat plugs. 

If we don’t have what you’re looking for we will get it for you.